Road accident scenario in the country ‘more serious than Covid-19 pandemic’! – Union Minister for Transport Nitin Gadkari

40,000 km of highways to be included under ‘safety audit’!

It is a shame for all the political parties that even after 74 years of independence road accidents are not taken seriously in India!

New Delhi – Addressing a webinar held by the International Road Federation, Nitin Gakari said, “Unfortunately India is at number 1 position in road accidents in the world, ahead of US and China. Seventy per cent deaths are in the working age group of 18 to 45 years old. There are 415 deaths per day in road accidents in India. This scenario is more serious than the Covid-19 pandemic and it is becoming an alarming situation for us year on year. Being the transport minister, I am sensible and serious about the subject”.

One of the steps taken to decrease road accidents was to bring 40,000 km of highways under safety audit so as to find and correct design and other deficiencies, he said.

Further, Gadkari said, “Many detailed project reports (DPRs) are in very bad shape with lots of technical deficiencies which create further black spots (accident spots). DPRs should be proof-checked and revised by competent authorities, third-party agencies, and educational institutions before implementation”.