Palakkad (Kerala): A madarasa teacher murders her 6-year-old son to please Allah!

  • So far, many madarasas have been exposed for producing terrorists and Jihadis but now we also know that a madarasa teacher can kill her son just to please Allah. This clearly shows the mentality of the teachers and the students of these madarasas. The Government should take note and ban  madarasas!
  • If this woman can kill her own child, one cannot even imagine the kind of violence she would have fed her pupils!
  • Why is no one calling it as superstition?

Palakkad (Kerala) – A 30-year-old madarasa teacher slit her 6-year-old son’s throat to please ‘Allah’. He was the youngest of her 3 children and she is currently pregnant with her 4th child. As per the reports, the accused called up the police and relatives to inform that she slit her son`s throat. The accused said, ‘I offered my son as sacrifice to Allah’. She was arrested by the police.

On 7th February, at 4 am, when her son was asleep, the woman woke him, took him to the bathroom, tied him up and slit his throat. At this time, her husband, who had recently returned from abroad, was sleeping in another room along with the couple`s 2 other children.