Insult of Prabhu Shriram


Whenever Dharma experiences lethargy and (when people do not abide by Dharma) is on the rise, I incarnate. (4.7) For the protection of seekers and destruction of evildoers I will incarnate in every Era. (4.8) – Shrimadbhagawadgeeta

The Union Ministry of Culture had organised a Government function in Bengal to mark the 125th Birth Anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was invited for this event. After the host announced her name to address as one of the dignitaries,  the audience raised 2 slogans – ‘Jai Shriram’ and ‘Bharatmataki Jai’ before Mamata Banerjee could begin her address.

After hearing these two slogans, Mamata shouted as if boiling water had fallen on her – ‘It is not appropriate to insult someone when he is invited here’. On the contrary, her statement has insulted Ayodhyapati Shriram, based on whose penance and Chaitanya (Divine consciousness), this Nation exists and so do the Hindus. A wise person is one who knows what to say and where to say it. Mamata Banerjee is the Chief Minister of a State. If she feels insulted by the devotional slogans of God and the country, it raises doubt about her nationality.

Egoistic Mamata Bano

Shriram is the soul of India, the glory of the country. Mother India is the identity of the country. These slogans create pride in any Indian citizen, excite them, generate motivation to work for Dharma and the Nation, generate the confidence that any problem will certainly be solved irrespective of its complexity.

However, Mamata Banerjee’s anger is incomprehensible. During the time of Ramayan, Ravan, Kansa and other demons used to get very angry when someone uttered the Name of Shriram. If someone uttered the Name of Shriram in their kingdoms, he used to be punished. Whenever Ravan’s brother Bibhishan would start describing Shriram, Ravan would get extremely angry.

Hanuman and Angad went to Lanka to request Ravan for the release of Sita from his captivity; they narrated the power of Shriram to Ravan. But, Ravan was convinced that he himself was the greatest. Therefore, he met his end. His kingdom was reduced to ashes, and Ravan’s entire army, generals and children perished. Ravan’s arrogance is still felt by many on various occasions.

Ego, anger, self-exaltation, authoritarian attitude, etc. were the personality defects of Ravan. These defects led to his downfall. The same personality defects appear to be possessing politicians such as Mamata Banerjee. Some days ago, while her convoy was passing through a village in Bengal, the locals raised slogans of ‘Jai Shriram’. Then, she got out of the vehicle as if she had been hit by lightening and shouted at them for raising this slogan, and later action was taken against those involved. Mamata Banerjee’s bizarre behaviour is nothing new; however, whenever it happens only at some specific times, it confirms that she is consciously proving that her loyalties lie somewhere else than the Nation.

Mamata Bano’s love for minorities

Millions of Bangladeshis have infiltrated Bengal, followed by the Rohingyas. Now the situation is such that in some parts of Bengal, religious fanatic Bangladeshi infiltrators are vast in numbers and they can even put up their candidate in the elections. With Mamata’s support, they can easily get ration cards, election cards, residency certificates and stay in Bengal. Attempts to expel these Bangladeshis from the country have met with bitter opposition. Whenever the Central Government has come up with a plan or a Bill, Mamata Banerjee has opposed it and has not implemented it in Bengal.

In 2019 and early 2020, there were daily incidents of violence in Bengal. What is unique is that these incidents were not reported to the citizens of this country through newspapers or other media, but the country became aware of them through social media only. In these assaults on Hindu settlements, temples and Hindu people, Hindus suffered immense losses. Considering the situation in Bengal, the then Governor recommended promulgation of President’s rule in Bengal.

Recently, BJP National President JP Nadda’s convoy was pelted with stones in a village, causing severe damage to some vehicles. Incident of arson took place during a rally addressed by the previous BJP President and Home Minister Amit Shah during the 2019 elections. The situation was handled by Central Security Forces at the time. Amit Shah himself claimed that it was the CRPF which saved his life at that time. If such a situation is being faced by the Home Minister of a country in a State, one cannot imagine the condition of ordinary Hindus there.

Sporadically, the bodies of ordinary BJP activists are found hanging from trees, sometimes thrown in the fields and sometimes near water bodies. Not only this, the body of a BJP MLA was found hanging from a tree in a market. If such a dire situation has existed in a State, the Central Government should have deployed the Army and put an end to the bullying. However, since this did not happen, the devout Hindus in Bengal have been living under the shadow of terror, constantly fearing who will be the next victim of this hooliganism. All these remind one of Ravan’s kingdom.

Even now, there are many people who are allergic to the words Ram Setu, Ram Mandir, Ramayan. Shriram appears ‘communal’ to them, while Ravan seems to be the king of Dalits. The Ramayan is communal to them, while the books of other religions appear to be secular for them.

Mamata Banerjee seems to be a representative of such groups. In a State she rules, there will definitely be instability and unrest. Prime Minister Narendra Modi performed Bhumi Pujan of Ram Mandir. Bengal, which was once the land of revolutionaries and Saints, has today become a stronghold of anti-nationals.

All citizens of this country want Prime Minister Modi to end this Ravan Rajya by winning this State in the coming elections.

We are certain that with the blessings of Shriram, Prime Minister Modi will fulfil this desire of ours !

Prabhu Shriram is the soul of India, the glory of the country. Mother India is the identity of the country !