A former lady-judge of Karnataka High Court pays Rs. 8.8 cr. bribe to get Governor’s post

Adv. Amrutesh NP of Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad lodges complaint against the judge.

If the judge herself confesses that she has paid a bribe of Rs. 8.8 crore to get the post of the Governor, it will create doubts about how she must have worked as a judge. An inquiry should be held against her to preserve the trust of the people in judiciary. This should find out if the judge passed verdicts after accepting bribes or as her duty. Her pension should be stopped till the facts come out of the inquiry.

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – Advocate Amrutesh NP of Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad (HVP) has filed a complaint with the Crime Branch on 19th January against a retired High Court judge, in connection with the ongoing probe into a bribery case. The judge had filed a complaint that she had given Rs. 8.80 crore as bribe to notorious conman Yuvaraj, alias Swamy, to get her a Governor’s post.

The advocate wants the CCB Police to consider the judge as an accused in the case. He has alleged in the complaint that the judge had encouraged corruption by paying a bribe to Yuvaraj. Adv. Amrutesh NP said –

“It is clear from her statement that she had bribed accused Yuvaraj to get the post through the backdoor, despite having knowledge of constitutional procedures and how Governors are appointed.

Only after Yuvaraj was arrested did the retired judge send her statement to the Wilson Garden Police station, fearing that her paying a bribe to him will also come out”, Amrutesh alleged. It was surprising that the Police had registered an FIR based only on her statement, he added.

“As a former High Court judge, she is bound to uphold the honour of the judicial system. She is also bound to inform the Court about such incidents, though she has retired. But she has failed to do so. Hence, she should be considered an accused along with Yuvaraj in the case, and legal action should be initiated”, he stated in the complaint.