In response to PIL, NCERT accepts that it does not have any evidence that Mughals rebuilt Hindu temples they had destroyed !

Hindus did not expect NCERT’s Hindu-hatred to continue under the BJP rule too.

NCERT has betrayed Hindus by publishing false history that glorifies the Mughals. The BJP Government ought to conduct an inquiry against the people responsible for this and have them imprisoned for life.

It is only because of the information was sought under RTI, that this incident came to light. If not, this false depiction of history would never have been known. How is it that no one noticed these falsehoods in the texts ? Or did they knowingly ignore it ? The people have every right to know. This incident clearly reveals how the NCERT functions. Why do we need an organisation that repeatedly distorts history ?

Allegations of ‘saffronization of history’ are common, but it is incidents like this that make Hindus believe that the history has already been ‘Islamized’ !

New Delhi – NCERT’s 12th  Standard History textbook ‘Themes of Indian History Part-2’ (Page 234) mentions that Mughal Emperors Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb provided financial grants to rebuild the Hindus temples destroyed by their soldiers. An RTI was filed seeking evidence & information on such temples. In response, NCERT said that it does not have any documents to prove this. The NCERT response was sent by the Head of the Department and Public Information Officer Prof. Gauri Srivastav to the petitioner Mr. Shivank Sharma on 18th November 2020.