Vidisha (Madhya Pradesh) administration frees the ancient palace of the Parmar dynasty from the control of religious fanatics.

What was the administration doing when the religious fanatics took control of the palace?

Vidisha (Madhya Pradesh) – About 70 km from here lies a city called Udaipur, home to a 1000 year old palace belonging to the Parmar dynasty. This heritage site was illegally taken over by some religious fanatics who had put up a board proclaiming it to be private property. The administration, on orders of the Tehsildar, removed the private property sign board put by one Kazi Mohammed Syed Irfan Ali. He was also fined 5000 rupees. Ali was also running a madrasa at this place. (What was the archaeological department doing for so many years? Had Hindus taken control of the property in this way, this department would have evicted the Hindus immediately. – Editor) Ali claimed that this palace was not 1000, but 400 years old and was built by his ancestors. Ali also claimed that the ownership of the property was transferred to his family by emperors Jahangir and Shah Jahan. The administration acted after this news spread on the social media. (Was the administration sleeping for so many years? Had such information not come to light, the administration would have still been sleeping. – Editor)