India starts covid-19 vaccine roll out across the country

New Delhi – India starts covid-19 vaccine roll out across the country from 16th January. As informed by the Union Health Ministry 3 lakh health workers will be given the vaccine on the first day of the roll out. In order to avoid affecting other medical services vaccination drive will last only for 10 days in January. Each state will decide which 10 days of the month they should be. One of the officers from Health Ministry said that the workers may get tired by the consistent vaccination. Since some states and union territories in India have fewer number of health workers a consecutive 15 days vaccination drive is not required.

(Courtesy: The Economic Times)
  1. 100 people are expected to get vaccinated at a centre in a day. Over the course of 10 says, there would be around 2,934 vaccination centres across the country. The number of vaccine centre will be gradually increased up to 5000. Later it is expected that over 5 lakh people will be vaccinated every day.
  2. The covid-19 vaccine will not be administered to people who are unwell with contagious diseases, cold, cough, fever etc. Those who do not have an Android mobile phone can use the phone of their acquaintances or relatives to download the vaccination certificate after the second dose of vaccine. This certificate can be downloaded using a QR code that is activated on this mobile after getting both the doses of vaccine.