Former Pakistani diplomat admits 300 terrorists killed in Balakot air strike !

There were many who questioned the air strike, do they have anything to offer now?

Aga Hilali, a political official

Islamabad (Pakistan) – 300 terrorists were killed in the air strike that was carried out by the Indian Air Force at a Jaish-e-Mohmmad terror training camp at Balakot on 26th February 2019. Pakistani diplomat Agha Hilaly admitted this in an interview to a Pakistani news channel. India had carried out this Air Strike as a reaction to the terror attack on CRPF vehicle in Pulwama district of Kashmir.  Pakistan had earlier refused to admit that terrorists were killed on large scale in this attack. Many of the Indians had also raised the question on the Indian military’s achievement.

Agha Hilaly added, ‘India crossed the international border and did an act of war in which at least 300 were dead. Our target was different from theirs. We targeted their high command.’