China: ‘India attempting to destroy the natural environment around the Pangong Lake in Ladakh !’

Pot calling the kettle black !

China, not India, is consistently threatening the ecosystem in Ladakh. China has turned the whole area into a cantonment. Bunkers and radio stations have been built here. Optical cables have been set up along the lakeshore. China’s diesel run vessels are active in the lake. This obviously leads to the environmental pollution. China conveniently ignores these facts and accuses India of threatening the ecosystem around Pangong lake. IThis is like the pot calling the kettle black !

Beijing – An article in China’s government mouthpiece ‘Global Times’ accused India of attempting to destroy peace and stability as well as the natural environment around the 134 km- long Pangong lake in Ladakh. Amid the stressed LAC situation between India and China, both India and China have increased their military presence in the area.
The article claims that ‘the growing Indian military presence near Pangong Tso has also increased the concern of diseases. China is trying to protect the natural ecosystem here. China iscleaning this area by removing the garbage. The water in lake at China side is clean’.