Considering the severity of the coming adverse times, sell your flat if it is above the third floor and buy a flat from the ground to the third floor

It is not possible to predict when will natural disasters such as earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis, storms, heavy rains, etc. have to be faced in the coming adverse times. Such disasters cause immeasurable financial and loss of life. Electricity, water, etc. become unavailable. Hence, even if a building has a lift facility, it cannot be used. At such times, there may be difficulties in getting out of the flat, moving the family to a safe place, etc. Considering the inconvenience during adverse times, seekers should consider selling their flats if they are above the third floor and buy a flat from the ground to the third floor.

While selling and purchasing a premises, take guidance from a local Chartered Accountant regarding income tax matters, capital gains tax, etc. Some details given here should be kept in mind while buying a flat.

1. To ensure good quality construction, find out whether it has been built by a good builder and architect.

2. To ensure that the building, flat, are not unauthorized and there are no encumbrances/disputes over the ownership of the premises, check legal documents and records of ownership of premises.

3. In a catastrophic situation, some upper floors of a high-rise building may get demolished and it may be in great danger. Therefore, flats should be taken in buildings that have 3-4 floors instead of in high-rise buildings.

4. Ensure that the construction and RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) structure are designed to withstand earthquakes, heavy rains, storms and other natural calamities. For withstanding earthquakes, the RCC design must be earthquake-proof.

5. The structure should be strong and homogeneous so that the building does not collapse if large cracks develop in it.

6. If the building does not have an outer wall to withstand the wind pressure created by its height, the wall is likely to collapse in the event of a strong storm in the future. Therefore ensure that the exterior walls of the building can withstand strong winds, heavy rains, etc.

7. The building must be designed in a manner that it has proper cross ventilation. There should be enough windows to maintain adequate ventilation in the building and in the flats.

8. Water-proofing treatment must be given to the building to prevent leakage of water from the roof, wall, floor, etc. of flats.

Most aspects mentioned above can be understood by a technical expert. Therefore, if necessary, take the help of a knowledgeable person. If there is any problem in this regard, contact the responsible seeker.

To survive the coming adverse times, become a devotee of God by increasing your inner spiritual practice besides preparing at the physical level as mentioned above !

To survive adverse times, become God’s devotee by increasing your spiritual practice and prepare at the physical level !