Avoid likely financial loss by completing the required formalities of selling your premises and land at the earliest

Important tips for seekers wanting to sell immovable property

Some seekers want to sell their personal property (flats, bungalows, farm houses, shops, godowns), vacant plots, farm lands, etc.

1. Coronavirus is likely to affect the purchasing power of citizens, leading to difficulties in selling of property : The lockdown in India after the coronavirus outbreak has had a major impact on businesses, jobs and purchasing power of citizens. Hence, the possibility of a recession in the near future cannot be ruled out. This can lead to property prices falling day-by-day. Seekers may find it difficult to sell their property and face financial loss. To avoid this, seekers should take prompt decisions in this regard.

2. Remember the following when selling immovable property

A. If possible, take the help of a local property dealer to sell the property. Confirm from local people if the broker is trustworthy and not a cheat, etc. To get the expected value of the building or land, one should study the prevailing rates of the property in the area and then decide how much should you expect.

If you are getting the expected price, complete the sale process immediately.

B. If you are not getting the expected price, study the difference in percentage. Sell at whatever maximum price is offered than waiting longer for the expected price.

Be prepared to compromise according to the situation, taking into account the severity of the adverse times and your urgency.

If you are interested in selling heavy equipment, machinery, etc., you should complete the process early. Due to the coronavirus, complete these transactions with due safety instructions.