ISRO scientist claims to have survived 3 assassination attempts

  • It is highly possible that such attacks are being carried out by the countries which are envious of India’s progress and independence in the field of space research. The govt must protect the scientists!
  • It is apparent from these incidents that the scientists are no longer safe. In order to put an end to this, culprits of the attacks must be brought to justice, while also increasing the protection of the scientists!

New Delhi – Dr Tapan Misra, top scientist and a senior advisor to ISRO, has claimed to have survived 3 assassination attempts in the past three years. He made these claims through a post shared on a social media platform. ‘Such an attack is a sort of espionage attack with the help of technology’ asserted Misra. He has demanded an investigation into the matter. ‘The country should protect me and my family’ he added. Misra is currently working as a senior advisor to ISRO and is set to retire on 31st January.

Excerpts from Dr Misra’s post are presented below

1. The first assassination attempt occurred on 23rd May 2017 during a promotion interview in ISRO HQ at Bangalore. Following the interview, fatal dose of deadly arsenic trioxide was probably mixed with chutney along with dosa. The purpose behind using this drug was to cause blood clots and resulting in a heart attack; however, I did not like the snack. I only ate a small amount of chutney along with the dosa due to which the effects were not seen as intended; but 2 years of bleeding caused a lot of discomfort.

2. Second attempt occurred just two days before the announcement of ‘Chandrayaan-2’ mission. On 12th July 2019, an assassination attempt was made with the use of ‘Hydrogen Cyanide’; however, the prompt response from an NSG (National Security Guard) officer saved my life.

3. In September 2020, the third assassination attempt was made by giving arsenic to me. Following which, I experienced serious breathing disorder, skin related disorder, neurological as well as fungal infections.

4. Poisonous snakes were sent in through a hole dug in my heavily guarded house. In order to protect ourselves from these snakes, carbolic acid nets are placed at every 10 feet in the house, yet the snakes were seen in the house.

Dr Misra said that ’few people wish that I should die soon, while these secrets get buried with me’.