Germany : Nuns enabled child sex abuse by priests & politicians

1,670 priests raped 3,677 children between 1946 & 2014.

  • 28 years ago, sister Abhaya from Kerala became victim of such lust fueled priests. Sexual assault on children, nuns and women by priests has become a global crime. It should be noted that such crimes are debated and publicised in foreign countries on a large scale, while the pseudo-secular Indian media doesn’t want to talk about it!
  • Churches in western countries are being deserted by their congregation due to sexual abuse by the priests, and lack of peace of mind. In addition to this, numerous Christians there are embracing Hinduism; a fact which is neglected by Indian media!

Berlin – An article published in the Daily Mail stated that the Catholic nuns running a children’s home in Germany would forcibly send orphan children to be sexually abused by priests, politicians and businessmen. The scandal came into light after a 63-year-old victim revealed it in the court. The victim lived in a children’s home during the period of 1960s and 70s and his identity is being kept hidden.

The court has ordered that the victim be compensated. The victim told that the compensation amount cannot bring back his life which was ruined due to the nuns in the children’s home. He then detailed the scandal that took place in the said children’s home.        According to the investigation, 1,670 priests raped 3,677 children between 1946 & 2014. The abuse victim was just five when he joined the home run by the Order of the Sisters of the Divine Saviour in the German city of Speyer in March 1963.

The victim was raped more than 1000 times!

The victim had filed a lawsuit in the court against the children’s home. He was raped more than 1000 times during the years 1960 – 1970. Other boys in the orphanage were also forced by the nuns to maintain physical relationship with the priests and politicians. They were beaten brutally if they resisted. The victim underwent sexual abuse since he was 5-years old.

Orphanage room was used by priests, politicians to abuse children at will!

Victim told the court that while the children were sent out to be sexually abused, the abuse happened in the children’s home as well. There was a room where the nuns served drinks and food to the men. It was here that he said the nuns would pass youngsters aged between 7 and 14 to priests, local politicians and businessmen. Nobody was there to hear out the tragic tale of those children.

The nuns in Children’s Home enabled the sex abuse!

Victim told that nuns in the children’s home enabled the sex abuse. If the children disobeyed, they would be beaten with sticks or have their heads smashed against the wall. Nuns were being paid for this.

The nuns would also abuse children!

Nuns in the children’s home would also sexually abuse the children. The orphanage was shut in 2000 following the controversy; however, reports of sexual abuse continued to surface even thereafter.