Participation of dignitaries in the webinar on ‘National Overview for the first year of CAA-NRC’

Conspiracy of anti-national forces to destabilise the country through farmers’ agitation like the ‘CAA-NRC’ movement ! : Kapil Mishra, Former MLA, Delhi

Speaking in the webinar on ‘National Overview of the first year of CAA-NRC’ organised under ‘Discussions on the ‘Hindu Rashtra’, Kapil Mishra (BJP leader and former MLA from New Delhi) said, “Under the previous Government, the country could be destabilised by direct terrorist attacks or bomb blasts. Since this is no longer possible to do now, anti-national forces have organised agitations against the CAA. (Citizenship Amendment Act) and NRC (National Register of Citizenship) such as Shahinbagh and then violent riots in Delhi. This is being repeated in the name of the farmers’ agitation. After Delhi, attempts are being made to create instability in other States across the country. Khalistani organisations and other anti-national forces are behind this; however, they should remember that just as taking action against all culprits has started after the riots in Delhi, similar action will begin against those who would try to create destabilisation during the farmers’ agitation”. This webinar was viewed by 46,166 people on Facebook and YouTube; it reached 1,46,204 people.

Prof. Madhu Pournima Kishwar (Well-known writer and editor of ‘Manushi’ monthly) said, “Before implementing the CAA, the Government should have issued a white paper on the atrocities against Hindus abroad. There was a need to spread awareness about it through films and other media. However, due to lack of foresight, the anti-nationalists in the field of information technology discredited CAA all over the world by publishing it as an anti-Muslim decision. Even if a small injustice is inadvertently done to a Muslim, it is made into an international issue.

However, we do not raise awareness in a similar manner about the atrocities perpetrated on Hindus”.

Mr. Jai Ahuja (President of ‘Nimittekam’), who is fighting for granting of citizenship to victimised Hindus who have migrated from Pakistan, said, “Due to CAA, thousands of Hindu refugees will get citizenship. All Hindus should come together and raise the voice of Hindutva at the national level”.

Mr. Ramesh Shinde (National Spokesperson of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti) said, “The Government is being accused of moving towards a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ through CAA and NRC. From this, it is being propagated that ‘Hindu Rashtra’ is something terrible. However, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh are the only countries that have forced the Indian Government to legislate these laws. The attacks taking place on minorities in these countries are known all over the world. Hence, only an ideal ‘Hindu Rashtra’ based on Hindu Principles can prove to be just. The ‘Hindu Rashtra’ is very necessary”.

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti to establish the Dharma-based ‘Hindu Rashtra (Nation)’!