Choosing a life partner for self is the fundamental right of an adult person ! – Karnataka High Court

Bangalore (Karnataka) – The Karnataka High Court has said that choosing a  life partner of one’s own will is the fundamental right of any adult person. While hearing a petition, the Court said that the Constitution has granted this right to each and every citizen of the country. Further, the Court held that this freedom which is granted by the Constitution to the personal relationship between two people cannot be infringed by anyone. There is no importance for religion and caste in this. Earlier, the Allahabad High Court had also said that an adult citizen has the right to marry a person of his/her choice.

  1. The petitioner, Wajid Khan, a software engineer had married Ramya, also a software engineer. Ramya is presently living with an organisation working for the protection of women. Wajid had filed a petition requesting that Ramya should be produced in the Court and set free.
  2. According to the directions of the Court, the Police presented Ramya before the Court. Ramya’s parents, Gangadhar and Girija and Wajid Khan’s mother Srilakshmi were also present in the Court during this hearing. The Court said that as a software engineer, Ramya is capable of taking decisions about her life and ordered that she should be released from where she was living.
  3. Ramya alleged that her parents opposed her marriage with Wajid Khan. However, Wajid’s mother Srilakshmi said, ‘There is absolutely no opposition to this marriage’. The opposition to the marriage by Ramyas’ parents is  still persisting.