Murder of a journalist and his friend by burning his house with sanitiser

The effect of a journalist revealing corruption

The law and order situation in U.P. is extremely grave. This is evident from the various daily incidents. The public feels that the Central Government ought to help the State Government to change this situation!

Balrampur (U.P.) – A 34-year-old journalist Rakesh Singh and his friend Pintu Sahu were murdered by pouring sanitiser on their house. The Police have arrested Lalit Mishra, Keshavanand Mishra alias Rinku and Akram Ali for having set fire to the house. During the Inquiry, all three of them have accepted to committing the crime of murder.

(Courtesy: NDTV)

As per the information provided by Devaranjan Verma, Police Superintendent of Balrampur, Keshavanand’s mother was a Village Chief. Rakesh Singh had revealed the corruption committed by her. Due to this the accused was enraged. On the pretext of having a discussion, the accused went to Rakesh Singh’s house. He made Rakesh Singh and his friend consume alcohol and then poured hand sanitiser on the house and burnt them. Lalit Mishra and Keshavanand Mishra took the help of Akram Ali alias Abdul Qadir to burn them. The Police revealed that Qadir had engaged in such crimes on previous occasions as well. The local administration helped the families of the dead by giving Rs.5 lakh .