Pakistan will keep getting uneducated and ignorant terrorists ! – Union Minister, V K Singh

New Delhi – Pakistan has been promoting Jihadi terrorists against India ever since 1990. Pakistan will keep getting uneducated and ignorant terrorists for petty financial gains.  Therefore, Indians and Indian security forces will have to be cautious said Union Minister General Singh, while addressing the Media.

 General Singh further said that everyone is well aware about who is supporting  terrorists  in Pakistan.

  1. Our security forces are working on it . If the same kind of coordination that exists now between the Army and  the Police continues, we can tackle any kind of attack planned by Pakistan . I am sure that the terrorists entering our borders will never return alive.
  2.  The leaders who are  speaking about China’s intervention in Kashmir have in a way lost their senses. They are not aware of what they are saying and are very self-centred . General Singh said it is an irony that those who ruled in Kashmir never thought about the nation or people of the region. Their prime motive has always been to regain power and build their own assets. They never worked for the people here.