India should not fawn over Joe Biden and Kamala Haris ! – Dr. Subramanian Swamy

  • Should thank Mr. Trump for being a good friend
  • Kamla Haris is against Hindu nationalism

New Delhi – As per the reports on news channels, Joe Biden and Kamala Haris would be invited to India. The Central Government should not fawn over them. Joe Biden will fallow Kamala Haris with respect to the matters related to India and Kamla Haris is ideologically against Hindu nationalism which decoded means BJP. PM Modi should practice Atmnirbharta (self-dependence) in this case, tweeted BJP senior leader and MP Dr. Subramanian Swamy. Considering the US – India relations, he has advised through his Tweet how Indian Government should treat Joe Biden and Kamala Haris after they have been elected as President and Vice-President of the US.

Dr. Swamy had posted another Tweet earlier in which he said that, ‘PM Modi should thank the US President Donald Trump for being a good friend to India. He should be invited as a special guest on the occasion of republic day.’

He added in the Tweet that, ‘I have shown the way to BJP Government as per the constitution. I can bring a horse to drink water but I cannot make him drink water.’