Sanatan Sanstha’s Online discourses in 9 languages on the ‘Importance of Spirituality for a blissful life’ on 18th and 24th October

For the last three decades, Sanatan Sanstha has been guiding the spiritually curious and seekers towards God-realisation by eliminating their doubts on Spirituality and spiritual practice. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is not possible at present for all people to actually go out to attend satsangs and discourses. At such a time, to guide people on performing spiritual practice staying at home, Sanatan Sanstha has organised a series of ‘Online spiritual practice discourses’ on – ‘Importance of Spirituality in context of a blissful life in adverse times’. This Online discourse will be held on 18th and 24th October 2020, in 9 languages – Marathi, Hindi, English, Gujarati, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil and Bengali. Therefore, all spiritually curious must benefit from these, Sanatan Sanstha has appealed.

The Scriptures describe many ways of God-realisation. Sanatan’s discourses will provide invaluable guidance on many topics such as the correct path (out of thousands) described in Scriptures – which should be followed for starting spiritual practice today itself, what is the importance of Spirituality in daily stressful life and current adverse times like coronavirus, what is Pitrudosh (Repaying karmik debts of departed ancestors) and what is the remedy on it, what spiritual practice should be performed to make life blissful. Spiritual practice enhances inner strength and leads to a blissful life even in an adverse environment. This series of discourses will be aired on the following YouTube links. The spiritually curious are requested to benefit from these.

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