Despite a complaint about the cow smuggling in Rajasthan, the Police remain inactive

Insensitive and anti-Hindu Police of Rajasthan!

  • Not only Hindus and but also cows are equally unsafe in the Congress regime.*Such Police must be dismissed and imprisoned for life
  • These dormant and crass police officers compel the ‘Gorakshak’ to take to streets to protect cows. Still, they are called ‘anti-social elements’.

Bharatpur (Rajasthan) – A resident here called the Police and informed them about the cow smuggling taking place in a tempo. However, the Police ignored the complaint and the cow smugglers were successful in their mission.

When Raj Kumar Singh contacted the Police on the telephone about cow smuggling, they sneered at him. A live video of this cow smuggling is available, now. In this video, three cow smugglers are forcibly putting a cow in the tempo. The incident occurred on 9th October.