The famous Hollywood actress Salma Hayek praises Goddess Lakshmi on Instagram

Mother Shri Lakshmidevi inspires inner beauty – Salma Hayek

  • Despite being a Catholic Christian, Salma Hayek understands the spiritual importance of the Goddess Lakshmi. Whereas, Christian Missionaries in India ridicule the Indian Deities and pseudo-secular Hindus blindly follow them.
  • Bollywood artists throw insults at the Hindu Deities. How many of them comprehend thespiritual importance of these Deities?

New Delhi – The famous Hollywood actress Salma Hayek posted on a social media site, Instagram. She wrote in this post, ‘Mother Shri Lakshmidevi inspires inner beauty. When I wish to be in sync with my inner beauty, I meditate on Mother Shri Lakshmidevi and do Yoga. Mother Shri Lakshmidevi represents wealth, good luck, love, affection, happiness, and prosperity in the Hindu religion. Image of Mother Shri Lakshmidevi gives Bliss. Bliss is the sole factor for inner contentment’. She also posted a picture of Mother Shri Laksmidevi along with this post.

1. Several famous film artists responded positively to the post of Salma Hayek. These include, Julia Roberts, Russell Brand and Miley Cyrus. Indian film artist Bipasha Basu also posted her response.

2. Salma Hayek came into limelight in 2003 with the movie ‘Once Upon A Time In Mexico’.

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When I want to connect with my inner beauty, I start my meditation focusing on the goddess Lakshmi, who in Hinduism represents wealth, fortune, love, beauty, Māyā (literally meaning "illusion" or "magic”), joy and prosperity. Somehow her image makes me feel joyful, and joy is the greatest door for your inner beauty. Cuando quiero conectarme con mi belleza interior, comienzo mi meditación enfocándome en la diosa Lakshmi, quien en el hinduismo representa la riqueza, la fortuna, el amor, la belleza, Māyā (que literalmente significa "ilusión" o "magia"), alegría y prosperidad. De alguna manera su imagen me trae alegria, y piensa que la alegría es la puerta más directa para tu belleza interior. #innerbeauty #hinduism #lakshmi #meditation

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