‘India is assisting Nawaz Sharif to weaken the Pakistani Army’ – Alleges Pakistan PM Imran Khan

The reality is, Pakistan was defeated 4 times in the war due to being incapable and is now conducting undeclared war against India through jihadi terrorists !

Islamabad (Pakistan) – Former Pak Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is currently committing fraud. Altaf Hussain also did a similar act. I am confident that India is supporting Nawaz Sharif. If the Pakistan Army become incapable, then who will benefit ? Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan criticised Nawaz Sharif while raising this question. He was speaking to a news channel. Nawaz Sharif is currently in England and has criticised the Pakistan Army and the Government. In response, Imran Khan accused Nawaz Sharif.

Imran Khan further said that there is no tension between Pakistan’s army and me. We have come to power because of the support of the people. If a democratically elected Government is not functioning properly, it does not mean that ‘martial law’ should be imposed.

Gilgit – India active in Balochistan

Imran Khan accused India of being active in Gilgit-Balochistan. It is part of the ‘Sino-Pak Economy Corridor’. People living here want their rights and India is taking advantage of it. India is leading the Shia and Sunni conflict in Pakistan.

(Gilgit – Balochistan is a part of Kashmir in India and Pakistan has encroached upon it. Therefore, Pakistan should move away from there ! – Editor)