The Ayodhya railway station will be reconstructed in the style of the temple.

All public places in Ayodhya have been painted and beautifully decorated .

Ayodhya (UP) – The preparations have been undertaken on a war-footing for the groundbreaking ceremony of Ram Temple. Public places have been painted and beautifully decorated. The doors of the houses situated on either side of the road have been painted with yellow colour and posters have been set up on the main roads with incidents in Ramayan. The Railway Ministry has decided to re-construct Ayodhya Railway Station in the style of the temple. The work of re-constructing the railway station will be completed within two years, that is, by the time the construction of Ram Mandir is over. The amount of Rs. 80 crore which was allocated for the construction of the temple has been increased to Rs.104 crore. The standard of providing facilities for travellers has been improved and the capability for controlling heavy rush has also been upgraded. The reconstruction of the station will be done in two stages.