700 Sikhs and Hindus will be brought back to India

Earlier, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh were parts of India. A large number of Hindus were staying in these parts. Now, religious fanatics have started genocide of Hindus there. India should not only provide shelter to these Hindus but also retaliate and eliminate terrorists.

Days after an abducted Sikh leader was finally released in Afghanistan, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has reportedly approved long-term visas to 700 Sikh and Hindus currently living in Afghanistan. According to Kashmiri journalist Aditya Raj Kaul, such long-term visas are granted only to persecuted minorities in the region.

As per the report, the Indian Government is fulfilling all necessary formalities to bring the said Afghan nationals to India before Independence Day. The report noted that about 600 Sikhs had applied for such long-term visas to India after the attack on Gurudwara that took place on 25th March this year and left 27 dead.