Offence registered against a Communist worker Rehana Fatima

Her half-naked photograph made by her own children posted on social media

Rehana Fatima had tried to gate crash into Sabarimala Temple.  When she  was opposed, India’s so-called progressives had caused an uproar. The perverse act of this left-wing activist Rehana displays her deviating mentality. Why are these progressives hiding now? Do they agree with such a pervert act by Rehana ?

Thiruvananthpuram (Kerala) – A Communist activist Rehana Fatima who had tried to enter the Sabarimala temple in 2018, has posted a video on social media account in which her children are seen painting her half-naked body. For this, a Police case has been registered against her in Thiruvalla Police station from Patanmatittha District by on the complaint lodged by BJP’s OBC branch leader Mr. A. V. Arun Prakash.