Twitter trend for the demand for censorship of web-series spreading obscenity, violence and malignity towards Hindus

The hashtag #CensorWebSeries ranks third in national trend

Why people have to raise such demand ? Why does the Government not proactively control it ?

New Delhi – Apps like Amazon Prime, Netflix, ALT Balaji, Zee5 are getting popular in the last five years. Through these, new web series are broadcast without any licences or censorship. Since there is no censorship they embrace obscenity, stigmatisation, addiction, violence on large scale. A recently published web series ‘Patal Lok’ stoops to such a level and insults Hindu society and culture. This series broadcasts that ‘Hindus behave violently and indecently’. There was also an attempt to wrongly display Indian Army in the web series like ‘Code M’, ‘Court-Martial’. On this background #CensorWebSeries became a trend on Twitter. In a very short duration this tag ranked on top 5 amongst national tags. For some time it was also on top 3. More than sixty thousand twitted in this trend.

Patriots and devout Hindus exposed through their Tweet how Indian and Hindu culture is being abused through these web series. Further ‘‘#BoycottPaatalLok’ also turned a tag on Twitter. This trend protested anti-Hindu web series ‘Patal Lok’. Additionally it is demanded there to establish a committee to censor web series through Union Ministry of Broadcasting and Home Minister. Media like Dainik Jagran, Free Press Journal, News18, Tamil Filmi Beat, SpotboyE, Vijay Karnataka published this trend.

Some unique Tweets by patriots and devout Hindus in this trend

  1. A devout Hindu states, the web series ‘Patal Lok’ displays that a group of Hindus attacks Muslims doubting there is beef in a train. In the year 2017 Junaid was murdered. However in spite of the judicial explanation by the court that the murder was for the sake of getting candidacy in the election, this scene was deliberately broadcast to insult the Hindus.
  2. Other devout Hindu states, ‘earlier the Guru-disciple tradition was insulted in the web series ‘sacred games’. Hindus were shown ‘Talibani’ in the web series ‘Leila’. Thus this confirms that the web series intend only to spread hatred towards Hindus.’
  3. Since these web series are broadcast without any censorship they threaten the Indian culture.