Allahabad High Court dismisses a petition to open Masjids and Idgah grounds for prayers on the Eid

The Court asked the petitioner to first approach the State Government.

During the lockdown period, the Hindus did not ask to open temples on the festival days. But some miscreants are demanding to open Masjids to stress that ‘We are special’. We must understand their tactics.

It is mandatory to follow all the rules and regulations to fight corona. In this situation, to put forward such a demand is to assume that the Government and public are fools.

Uttar Pradesh Government strictly adheres to the rules of the corona, it will not heed to this request. Hence, the petitioners did not approach the Government.

Prayagraj (UP) – Allahabad High Court dismissed a PIL to open Masjids for Eid prayers. Shahid Ali Siddiqi had filed the suit. In this petition, Siddiqi demanded that the Court should issue orders to the State Government to allow the opening of Masjids Idgah grounds for one hour to accommodate Eid prayers.

The two members bench of Chief Justice, Govind Mathur and Justice Siddharth Varma, instructed the applicant to first approach the State Government, and dismissed the petition.