Online portal by Central Government to obtain ‘e-pass’ for inter-state travel amidst lockdown

New Delhi – It is possible to travel across the country during the lockdown. The National Informatics Centre (NIC) of the Central Government has introduced a new online portal to obtain the ‘e-pass’ required for the same.

The ‘e-permits’ can be applied for 17 States through this website. One can apply for such passes for only specific categories of travel such as students, essential service providers, tourists, travellers, marriage, emergency or medical reasons.

Any person or group can apply for ‘e-pass’ using this service, however, it will be mandatory for them to provide all the necessary information to substantiate their travel requirement. Before applying for ‘e-pass’, they will also have to submit scanned copies of the required documents and also provide a mobile number for OTP verification.

The ‘e-pass’ shall contain the applicant’s name, address, validity and QR code. After obtaining the pass, the applicant must carry a digital or hard copy while travelling. After submitting the application, the applicant will be given a number, which will allow them to check the status of the application.