Assault on Swami Pushpinder Swarup at Punjab’s Hoshiarpur

Rs. 50,000 and valuables looted

Hindus expect that the Central Government should make attempts to stop the attacks on Hindu Saints in the States ruled by Congress.

This goes to show that the Police who take action against common people disregarding the restrictions placed due to lockdown cannot, however, keep a check on the criminals.

Hoshiarpur(Punjab) – Following the horrific lynching of two Sadhus and their driver in Palghar, news has now emerged about another brutal attack on a Hindu Sadhu in Punjab’s Hoshiarpur on the night of 24th April. Swami Pushpendra Swarup was assaulted upon while he was alone in his Ashram.

“I pleaded them to spare my life & take the money instead. But, they continued to injure me”. said Sadhu who was attacked by 2 assailants in Punjab, they tied his hands & feet, tried to strangle him, stole Rs. 50,000 & some other valuable items from the Ashram.

As per Punjab Police two days earlier, assailants entered Swami’s Ashram with sharp weapons and attacked him as a result of which he sustained severe injuries. At present, he is undergoing treatment at a local hospital where he was taken by a local leader of BJP Sanjiv Talwar and others. Punjab Police have issued a statement stating that this assault is robbery related and that a case has been registered in this regard.

Sanjiv Talwar later said that the Police had not taken the incident seriously enough.

Swami Pushpendra of Hoshiarpur’s issued a video message, explaining what happened the day before. Swamiji is a former Head of organisation ‘Shiv Sena Bal Thackeray’. Further investigation is on and more details are expected to emerge in the coming days.