Shower of unconditional love of Sanatan’s 45th Saint H.H. (Mrs.) Surajkanta Mainrai will continue forever for seekers and Sanatan

H.H. (Mrs.) Surajkanta Mainrai

H.H. (Mrs.) Surajkanta Mainrai renounced Her body on 1st February 2020.

She grew up in a spiritual environment and followed all the teachings of Sanatan. When She realised the importance of satseva, She performed it with complete surrender without thinking about heat, rain or cold. She never allowed Her ill-health or any external factor to affect Her satseva. She inculcated pride for the country and devotion unto God in Her daughters since their childhood. H.H. (Mrs.) Mainrai and H.H. Bhagwantkumar Mainrai attained Sainthood on the same day in 2015 due to their qualities such as being at ease in any situation, unconditional love, etc.

Later, they came to live in Ramnathi Ashram. Due to their qualities they easily adapted to the Ashram lifestyle despite being elderly. Since 2015, both began spiritual healing (such as chanting) for seekers. They used to chant for hours due to their tremendous yearning that seekers’ distress should reduce. They also impressed upon seekers the need to chant with faith and bhav (Spiritual emotion), and the importance of spiritual healing, etc. to overcome distress. Seekers benefitted greatly because the Saint-couple taught seekers how to increase surrender unto God and fight spiritual distress.

H.H. (Mrs.) Mainrai was always in state of bhav and showered unconditional motherly love on seekers. During Her healing sessions, seekers had high-level spiritual experiences of automatic chanting that led to a meditative state, subtle fragrance, hearing Divine sounds, experiencing God’s presence, etc.

There are many Saints in Sanatan; however, very few have the love and gratitude like that of H.H. (Mrs.) Mainrai and H.H. Bhagwantkumar Mainrai. One could feel love, gratitude and humility in every action of theirs. They attained a beautiful spiritual relationship by undertaking the journey of life together – from an ideal couple to seekers and then attaining Sainthood.

I am certain that due to intense yearning for removal of seekers’ distress and establishing the ‘Hindu Rashtra’, H.H. (Mrs.) Mainrai will rapidly progress even after renouncing Her body.

– Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale