Over 2 lakh Kerala madarasa teachers to get up to Rs. 7,500 pension and other benefits

Islamisation of Kerala by the Government is a punishment to Hindus who have elected Marxists to power.

This is the ‘secular’ decision of a Marxist Government ! Those who splurge public funds on minority community in the name of secularism are religious fanatics them-selves. The progressives and secularists do not oppose such decisions; on the contrary, they create chaos if any State Government takes such decisions for Hindus !

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) – With the Kerala Assembly passing the Kerala Madarasa Teachers Welfare Fund Bill, 2019, on 18th November the madarasa teachers across the State are entitled to get a pension in Rs. 1,500-7,500 range.

Minister for Wakf & Minority Welfare KT Jaleel said the aim was to improve the service conditions of the madarasa teachers and to support their families. In addition, madarasa teachers are entitled to several other benefits including financial aid for marriage, housing loan, medical assistance and maternity benefits for female members. There are over 2 lakh madarasa teachers in the State.

Posthumous financial assistance of Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 50,000 funeral expenses, family pension, financial support for medical treatment, etc. are also part of the scheme.