China spreading misinformation about Khalistan among its citizens

Attempt to make Chinese citizens believe in dictatorship instead of democracy

New Delhi – China is supporting the anti-India Khalistani terrorist organisations as part of its conspiracy to break India. China’s intelligence agency is now spreading misinformation among Chinese citizens about Khalistan.

1. Information about Khalistan is being circulated on China’s social media Weibo and Bilibili in Chinese language. This includes information about the rallies organised by Khalistani supporters and their organisations in the USA and Britain. Besides this, videos of these rallies are also being circulated with an impression that ‘Indian Sikhs are unhappy and are demanding independent Khalistan’.

2. The social media accounts that are spreading misinformation about Khalistan have more than 70 lakh followers. All these accounts are linked to China’s intelligence services. Intelligence agencies are deliberately spreading false propaganda to Chinese citizens about India regarding Khalistan. Not only social media, but China’s national television channels and newspapers are also spreading propaganda against India about Khalistan.

3. Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI and Khalistani terrorist organisation ‘Sikhs for Justice’ are also helping China’s intelligence agency in this regard.

4. This false propaganda of Khalistan by China’s intelligence agency is indoctrinating the people of China into false nationalism, so that they will consider neighbouring India and its democracy as weak. This will keep the Chinese people’s faith in China’s authoritarian system intact even as the Chinese system is in decline and there is global distrust of it.

Editorial Perspective

India’s enemy countries are clever in tactics.