Terrorist wanted by India escapes from Pakistani prison

Rawalakot district jail in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir

Islamabad – Ghazi Shehzad, a terrorist wanted by India, has escaped from Rawalakot District Jail in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Along with him, 19 other inmates also fled. Ghazi Shehzad is a member of a banned organisation and has been declared ‘Most Wanted’ by India.

The escape occurred when inmates overpowered a prison guard at gunpoint, snatching the keys from him. The fleeing inmates then took the security guards at the main gate hostage. A gunfight ensued between the escaping inmates and the security guards, resulting in the death of inmate Khayyam Saeed.

Local Police chief Riaz Mughal stated that a search operation is ongoing to recapture the escaped inmates. Several prison officials have been arrested, and some have been suspended in connection with the incident.