Those who call themselves Hindus commit violence 24 hours a day : Rahul Gandhi

  • Uproar in the Lok Sabha after Rahul Gandhi’s outrageous statement on Hindus
  • Rahul Gandhi claims that he called PM Modi, BJP, RSS violent and not all Hindus
Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi – “Those who call themselves Hindus are engaged in fights and violence 24 hours a day,” said Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the opposition in the Lok Sabha. His statement sparked an uproar in the House. Immediately providing clarification, Rahul Gandhi claimed that he had called Prime Minister Modi, BJP, and the RSS violent, not the entire Hindu community. Prime Minister Modi, taking offense to Rahul Gandhi’s statement, stood up and remarked, “This issue is very serious. Calling the entire Hindu society violent is a grave matter. “To this, Rahul Gandhi replied, “Narendra Modi is not the entire Hindu community. RSS is not the entire Hindu community.”

Rahul Gandhi should apologise – Amit Shah

Amid the ongoing uproar over Rahul Gandhi’s remarks, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said, ” I reiterate that those who call themselves Hindus speak about violence. Perhaps they do not know that in this country, millions of people call themselves Hindu. Do they commit violence ? Associating the sentiment of violence with any religion is wrong. Rahul Gandhi, who holds a constitutional position, should apologise.”

‘Do not be scared’ is the message of all religions – Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi further said, ” It is written in the Quran that the Prophet said, ‘There is no need to fear.’ In the pictures of Guru Nanakji, you will see a gesture of fearlessness. He says,’ Do not be scared, and do not scare others.’ The gesture of fearlessness is also seen in the pictures of Jesus Christ. Jesus said,’ If someone slaps you on one cheek, offer the other cheek.’ “(Why does Rahul Gandhi never speak about the massacre of 3,500 Sikhs in the capital Delhi by Congress after the assassination of Indira Gandhi ? What Congress says and what it does is completely opposite – Editor)

Editorial Perspectives

  • According to Rahul Gandhi, Hindus should no longer call themselves Hindus because those who do will be considered violent. The Congress party coined the term “saffron terrorism” to label Hindus as terrorists, now they are branding all Hindus as violent.
  • Rahul Gandhi, who calls Hindus violent and keeps mum about religious fanatic Muslims who attack Hindus every day, should be charged and arrested.
  • If Hindus were violent, there would not have been a single minority person left in this country. On the contrary, Hindus are a minority in 9 States of the country. Religious fanatic Muslims have exiled them from Kashmir. Congress never tells this truth and Hindus are digging their own grave by voting for Congress.

Rahul Gandhi showed Deity Shiva’s picture in Parliament

Earlier, opposition leader Rahul Gandhi displayed a picture of Deity Shiva in the Lok Sabha and raised questions against the BJP Government. Rahul Gandhi told the Speaker of the Lok Sabha, ” You have been sitting here for 55 hours, you are like a stone, why don’t you move ? In my speech today, I want to tell the BJP and the RSS that this is our idea, which the entire opposition is using. It gives us the strength to move forward without fear.” Saying this, Rahul Gandhi held up a picture of Deity Shiva. Speaker Om Birla intervened, to which Gandhi responded, ” Is it forbidden to show a picture of Deity Shiva here ? This picture is in the heart of all India. Everyone knows this picture. When Deity Shiva wraps a snake around His neck, He says, ‘I accept reality.’ In His left hand, He holds a trident. The trident is not a symbol of violence but a symbol of non-violence. If it were a symbol of violence, it would be in the right hand.”

Afterward, Rahul Gandhi asked Speaker Om Birla if it was forbidden to show a picture of Deity Shiva in this House. “Can’t we show the picture of Deity Shiva in this House ?” he questioned. The Speaker, citing rules from the law, asked him to refrain from displaying the picture. Following this, Rahul Gandhi stopped showing the picture.

If our Government comes to Power, we will End the Agniveer scheme – Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi further stated that, “The Agniveer scheme is against the military and against the country. The Government is against the youth. When our Government comes to power, we will end this scheme. You give Agniveers six months of training, while Chinese soldiers receive five years of training. The Government is creating division among soldiers and calling itself patriotic. What kind of patriotism is this ? I met the family of an Agniveer who attained martyrdom in Punjab. The Government does not consider that soldier a martyr. Agniveers are like use and throw workers.”

Home Minister Amit Shah objected to Rahul Gandhi’s statements, saying, “This House is not a place for lying. The opposition leader should apologise to the House and to the Agniveers.” Defense Minister Rajnath Singh clarified that, “When an Agniveer attains martyrdom, his family is given Rs 1 crore. Rahul Gandhi is making false statements and misleading the House.”

Editorial Perspective

Could Rahul Gandhi show pictures of other religions’ sacred figures in Parliament and make statements ? Because Hindus are tolerant and sleeping, Rahul Gandhi is using Hindu Deities in this manner and denigrating them.