Sunita Williams is not stuck, she will come back to earth

ISRO chief Dr. S. Somnath’s statement.

ISRO chief S. Somnath (left) and Us astronaut Sunita Williams

New Delhi – There is a discussion at the international forum about the obstacles to returning to Earth from the space station of the American astronaut Sunita Williams. She has been stuck there for the past 17 days. NASA is trying to bring back Sunita. In this background, the head of India’s space research organization ‘ISRO’ Dr. S. Somnath said this is not just about Sunita Williams or any other astronaut. Getting stuck in the space station is not a topic of discussion. There are currently 9 astronauts. Not all of them are stuck. All astronauts must return one day. The entire case is related to the testing of a new crew module (capable of going into space and then returning safely) called the ‘Boeing Starliner’.

Dr. Somnath added, ” We are also building a crew module and I can understand what kind of conversation they would have with that.” We have experience, but Sunita has more experience than us.

Details about the matter

Sunita Williams went on a space mission on June 5, 2024, in a spaceship named ‘Boeing Starliner’. This is a joint ‘Crew Flight Test Mission’ of the American aircraft establishment ‘Boeing’ and ‘NASA’. Sunita is the pilot of this plane. A fellow companion, Bush Wilmore is the commander of this mission. After an 8-day stay in the International Space Station, both of them would have returned to Earth on June 13; but this has not happened yet due to technical problems in the spacecraft and leakage of helium gas. The exact reason for this has not been given. It is being said that there is a possibility of fire if this aircraft comes back.