Israeli Supreme Court rules Orthodox Jews must serve in the Military

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s government in crisis

Supreme Court of Israel

Jerusalem (Israel) – The Supreme Court of Israel ordered on June 25 that hardline Jews in Israel should henceforth be required to do military service like other citizens. The court has also told the government that a law should be made for this. This may lead to a crisis for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, as Netanyahu’s coalition government relies on the support of two hardline Jewish parties. Both parties have stated that our condition is that hardline Jewish students should continue to be exempted from military service so that support for the government remains intact.

1. Netanyahu’s Likud party has expressed its reaction that the court ruling is confusing.

2. Israel’s military is currently at war with two terrorist organizations, Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon. This has increased the stress on the Israeli army and they require new recruits.

3. Defense Minister Yoav Galant backs the army. If they begin to prove conscription for hardline Jews, the ruling coalition could crack.

What does the current law of conscription say?

According to Israeli law, young men are required to serve in the army for 24 to 32 months from the age of 18. But some people have exemption in this rule. Arabs, who constitute a 21 percent minority, religious students who are hardline Jews, etc. have been exempted from conscription. They are not required to join the army. But now that a difficult war is underway, such disparities may appear more acute than ever, Israel’s Supreme Court observed.