‘Robo Dogs’ to join the Indian Army soon

Robo Dogs

New Delhi – The Indian Army is preparing to integrate its first batch of robotic MULES (Multi- Utility Legged Equipment) designed to resemble dogs. These advanced machines will be used for surveillance and to transport light loads across challenging terrains. They can also shoot the enemy. The induction marks a significant step in modernising the army’s operational capabilities through technology. According to a report, which quotes sources in the defence establishment, the Indian Army placed an order for 100 MULEs or robotic dogs in September last year under an emergency procurement scheme, which permits contracts up to Rs 300 crore. A pre-dispatch inspection of 25 MULES was completed recently and these units are expected to join the army’s ranks shortly.

Features of MULEs or Robo Dogs :

1. The MULEs weigh 51 kg and are 27 inches long. They can be controlled by remote.

2. The MULEs are equipped with thermal cameras and various sensors, allowing them to conduct surveillance in diverse environments, particularly in steep and uneven terrains. They can locate the enemies even at night.

3. MULEs can be equipped with small arms, enabling them to engage enemies if necessary.

4. MULEs can walk in different places like roads, forests, mountains and can also carry some things with them.

5. MULEs have a battery, which can work for 10 hours once charged.