Church rule in Kanyakumari and some other districts of Tamil Nadu : Arjun Sampath, Hindu Makkal Katchi

Vaishvik Hindu Rashtra Mahotsav (2024) : Pitiable condition of Hindus in various States

Arjun Sampath, Founder President, Hindu Makkal Katchi

Ramnath Devasthan, Goa – There is no secularism left in Tamil Nadu. Hindus here do not know that they are Hindus. Their only identity is that of being Tamil. The current rulers of Tamil Nadu are anti-Indian, anti-Sanatan and anti-Brahmin. Tamil people are movie fanatics. They choose their leaders from movies. The government in Tamil Nadu appoints its own people to the The Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments board. Leaders of Dravidian parties like the ruling DMK are talking about destroying Sanatan Dharma. The people of Tamil Nadu practice Hindu Dharma, but they elect DMK in the elections.

There is an awakening among Hindus now. Due to this, the BJP received 12 percent votes in the Lok Sabha elections. Tamil Nadu is going to be Sanatan Bhoomi in the future. Hindu Rashtra is our birthright. First Hindu Rashtra will be created in India and then Hindu Rashtra will be established all over the world. If India becomes powerful, the whole world will become powerful, said Arjun Sampath. He was speaking on the anti-Hindu mentality of the Tamil Nadu government, its consequences, and solutions.

Mr Sampath further said,

1. In Tamil Nadu, the Hindu population is decreasing and the Muslim population is increasing. This is the reality. Now they are resorting to vote jihad.
2. Among Tamil Christians only the Bishop exercises authority. In Kanyakumari and some other districts of Tamil Nadu where Christians are a majority, there is Church rule.
3. The DMK government is a crypto-Christian government. Hindu votes have been divided. More than 200 temples in the state were demolished by the DMK government.
4. DMK government has withdrawn all cases against Urban Naxals. 160 Hindu activists have been killed by jihadis in Tamil Nadu.