Everyone residing in Karnataka should take a vow that no language other than Kannada will be spoken in the State

Karnataka’s Congress Government Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s appeal

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has appealed that everyone residing in Karnataka should consciously decide to speak in Kannada. He stated that all should take a vow that no language other than Kannada will be spoken in the State. He made these remarks while inaugurating the statue of the Deity Nadadevi Bhuvaneshwari Mata near the western entrance of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah further mentioned, “Kannadigas are generous. That is why there is an environment in Karnataka where even those who speak other languages can live without learning Kannada. The same situation cannot be seen in Tamil Nadu, Andhra, or Kerala States. They speak only in their mother tongue. We also have to speak in our mother tongue. That should make us proud. It is the duty of all of us to create a Kannada atmosphere. For that, all the people living here should learn Kannada. Love for Kannada should be developed. We should develop respect and admiration for our language, land, and country.”

Editorial Perspectives

  • After the linguistic re-organisation of the country, it is never wrong to expect that everyone should learn and speak the official language of the State in which they reside; however, this cannot be enforced as an obstinate demand and should not be a reason for any coercion.
  • When such a demand is made in Maharashtra regarding Marathi, Congress always opposes it. So why are the Congress members silent on Siddaramaiah’s statement now ?