The waters of the holy Kokti lake turn bloody at Bhatkal in Karnataka

Effects of the slaughter of animals on the occasion of Bakri Eid

Blood-mixed water in Kokati lake

Karwar, Karnataka – Bloody water is flowing in the Kokti Lake in Bhatkal, which is sacred to the Hindus. The blood of animals sacrificed on the occasion of Bakri Eid is flowing down the gutters in Kokti town and into the holy Kokti lake, blooding its waters. The Hindu community is enraged seeing the holy waters of its sacred lake bloodied and impurified in this manner.

1. When the video of this incident was shown on social media, workers of Hindu organisations gathered. Especially as polluting the waters of the lake which is sacred to the Gaud Community, hurt their religious sentiments tremendously.

2. The Municipal officers rushed to the site immediately on receiving the news. The officer in charge of the sewage first stopped the bloody water from flowing into the lake. Then the filled the bloody water that was in the gutters into tankers and threw it elsewhere.

3. The officers said that legal action will be taken against the persons responsible for this will act.

Kokti Lake sacred for the Hindus

There is a temple sacred to the Gaud Community on the banks of the Kakti lake. Every year there is pilgrimage for this temple. The Gaud community comes to pray at this temple and believe that their prayers are heard here. Hence, the temple and the lake on whose banks the temple is situated is sacred to the Hindus.

Editorial Perspective

Those who cry themselves hoarse during Ganesh Utsav against the Hindus who immerse the murti of the Ganesh Deity in running river water; saying that this pollutes the waters. Where are these environmentalists hiding now ?