Kerala Congress apologises for deleting post insulting Pope Francis

Supported the criticism of Prime Minister Modi

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) – Prime Minister Modi met the Supreme Leader of Christians Pope Francis on the sidelines of the ‘G-7’ (A group of countries comprising the US, Canada, Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Japan) summit in Italy. Posting this picture on ‘X’, Kerala Congress said,’ Pope finally got a chance to meet Devata (God).’The Congress made this taunt on Prime Minister Modi’s statement in the recently held Lok Sabha elections in the country. During the election campaign, Prime Minister Modi had said that ‘God has sent me for a special work’. The BJP criticized this post of Congress saying that it was insulting to the Pope. After this, Congress deleted the post and apologized.

Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee Vice President V.T. Balaram said that our post was for satire. No Congress worker could even think of insulting the Pope. Christians around the world consider the Pope to be God. Congress has no hesitation in making fun of Narendra Modi. Modi insults people of different religions by calling himself God. The Prime Minister is deliberately keeping silent on Manipur. People of Christian community have been oppressed in Manipur. Churches are destroyed. Minorities have faced oppression in the Northeast; (Not Christians and Muslims in North-East India, but Hindus are the minority; but note that the Congressmen are criticizing Hindus there as a majority too! – Editor) But the Prime Minister did not say a word. We condemn the negligence shown by the Prime Minister towards the minorities. The Prime Minister should apologize to the Christian community.

Editorial Perspective

Please note that the Congress, which apologized immediately after insulting the Christian priests, has been oppressing the Hindu saints !