Maulavi who included cows in the list of animal ‘Qurbani’ arrested

(Maulavi means religious leader of Islam.)

(Qurbani means animal sacrifice in the Islamic way.)

Ahmedabad, Gujarat – Maulavi Abdul Rahim Rathod circulated the list of animals sacrificed on the occasion of Bakri Eid on social media. Cows were too included in it. Hence, he was arrested. Abdul is a resident of Bharuch in Gujarat.

After Abdul circulated this list, there were many objections. The Police then took note of the incident and took action against him. The Police informed that he was arrested in a case of breach of peace.

He was previously arrested in 2022 as well

Abdul was also arrested in the year 2022. He was accused of forcibly converting the tribals. He was out on bail in this case. (Had this case been resolved quickly and had seen Abdul punished, then his fanatical activities would not have escalated. – Editor)