India should help to stop the genocide in Gaza

Palestine PM Muhammad Mustafa writes to PM Modi

Tel Aviv (Israel) – India has a “significant role” in finding a solution to the ongoing violence in Gaza, said Palestinian Prime Minister Muhammad Mustafa in a congratulatory letter written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In the letter written on 12th June, Dr Mustafa described the Israeli action against Palestinians as a “genocide” and urged an immediate ceasefire. “Excellency, as a global leader and a nation that values human rights and peace, India holds a significant role in bringing an end to the genocide in Gaza,” said Dr Mustafa in his letter after congratulating Mr Modi on being sworn in as Prime Minister for a third time.

“It is imperative for India to utilise all diplomatic channels to call for an immediate ceasefire, increase humanitarian aid to Gaza to help alleviate the suffering, collaborate with the international community to ensure the protection and safety of Palestinians civilians, and take a resolute stance against the atrocities being perpetrated. India has consistently shown its commitment. Has contributed to the rights of the Palestinian people. India has always said that international law must be followed in any conflict. India has always been a supporter of human rights and peace,” said Mustafa.

Editorial Perspectives

  • Has Palestine ever appealed to the Hamas terrorists that ‘Hamas should not carry out terrorist activities’, and ‘Hamas should release the hostages’ ?
  • Has Palestine ever sided with India on the issue of Kashmir ? Has it ever uttered a word against Islamic country Pakistan about the massacre of Hindus there ?