Terrorist attack on Hindu devotees in Jammu

  • After the bodies of 4 Hindus arrived in Jaipur (Rajasthan), local Hindus protested on the streets
  • Rage against Pakistan

Jaipur (Rajasthan) – A Jihadi terrorist attack on a bus carrying Hindu devotees in Reasi, Jammu, resulted in the deaths of 9 people, including 4 from Jaipur. The bodies of Rajendra Saini, Mamta Saini, Pooja Saini, and a young boy named Kittu were brought to Chaumun in Jaipur on June 11th. In response, local Hindus took to the streets, protesting and shouting slogans against Pakistan.

Protest outside 2 police stations

Angry residents of Chaumun city took to the streets in response to the attack. Relatives and protesters have refused to cremate the bodies until their demands are met. Demonstrations are being held by various communities near the Muralipura and Chaumun police stations in Jaipur. Given the situation, a heavy police presence has been deployed at both locations. Protesters have also closed markets in the area.

Demand for compensation of Rs 1 Crore to relatives of the deceased

As the crowd of citizens and local representatives grew at both protest sites, senior officials arrived to address the situation. However, the protesters remained steadfast in their demands. They are calling for compensation of Rs 1 crore each, totalling Rs 4 crore, to be given to the families of the deceased, as well as government jobs for their dependents. The protesters have firmly stated that the deceased will not be cremated until these demands are met.

Editorial Perspective

It is expected that by applying legitimate pressure on the authorities, Hindus will prompt efforts to eradicate Jihadi terrorism at its roots.