Citizens of China and India lead the happiest lives : Global Times

Reports Chinese Government mouthpiece ‘Global Times’

Beijing (China) – The ‘Global Times,’ official mouthpiece of the Chinese Government, has released a report listing the happiest countries. It claims that citizens of China and India lead happier lives compared to those in G7 countries (Canada, US, France, UK, Germany, Italy and Japan).

According to the report, 91% of people in China stated that they are living a happy life. Following this, 84% of Indians expressed satisfaction with their lifestyle, stating they are living a happy life. After China and India, the ranking includes citizens of the US, Canada, and the UK.

According to the report, the global percentage of people who feel they are living a happy life is 73%. China (91%) and India (84%) are significantly ahead of this average. Next, 76% of Americans expressed happiness with their lifestyle. This is followed by 74% of people in both France and Canada. The UK comes next with 70%, followed by Italy at 68%, Germany at 67%, and Japan at 60%.

Report based on conversations with 22,000 People

Global Times mentioned that this report on happiness is based on conversations with 22,508 people. The magazine conducted online interviews with 22,508 individuals aged 18 to 75 from 32 countries. In these interviews, participants were asked, ” How happy are you with your lifestyle ?” Chinese respondents expressed the highest level of happiness, followed by Indian respondents who expressed satisfaction with their lives.

India ranks 126th in the United Nations Report

In the UN World Happiness Report published in March this year, China was not included among the major countries. Finland ranked first on this list of the world’s happiest countries, followed by Denmark in second place, Iceland in third, and Sweden in fourth. Israel ranked fifth. India was placed 126th out of 133 countries on this list.

Editorial Perspective

It is surprising that India ranks high in this claim made by China’s official mouthpiece. The real question is, does this make China’s rulers happy or sad ?