Sikh citizen Hardeep Malik’s life under threat : Canadian Police suspect India’s involvement

(From left) Ripudaman Singh Malik and Hardeep Malik

Ottawa – Canada’s Police suspect India over the threat to the life of one of its Sikh citizens, Hardeep Malik. Hardeep’s father Ripudaman Singh Malik was murdered in 2022. The Canadian Police have also demanded an inquiry into India’s role in this murder case. Ripudaman Singh Malik was an accused in the 1985 Air India plane bombing.

1. Ripudaman Singh was accused of mass murder and conspiracy, in which 331 people were killed; but in 2005, Ripudaman Singh was acquitted of the charges.

2. Ripudaman Singh Malik was shot dead outside his office in Surrey on 14thJuly 2022. Canda Police are investigating whether India was involved in this case.

3. Ripudaman Singh’s wife and other family members were travelling in France last week. At this time, the Canadian Police sent a letter to Hardeep Malik saying that his life could be threatened due to criminal conspiracy.

4. A similar letter was given to Nijjar before his assassination in June 2023.

Editorial Perspective

Canada repeatedly accuses India of involvement in one or the other matter. India should teach a lesson to Canada by cutting off all diplomatic relations with it.