We are all children of Hindus : Pakistani citizens

Courtesy : iPleaders

Islamabad – Muslims of Pakistan have now begun calling themselves children of Hindus. A YouTube channel named ‘Kanairia Research’ has broadcasted a video of statements by Pakistanis. It can be seen in the video that Pakistani Muslims are saying that their ancestors were Hindus. This very same video has a statement of the late Tarek Fatah. He had said that ‘the Muslims of both India and Pakistan do not follow Islam; they are different people, who believe neither in Indian culture nor in Persian culture. That said, the ancestors of Indian and Pakistani Muslims were Hindus.’

The connection of Indian Muslims with Mongolia

An Indian speaker Harshvardhan Jain while speaking to a Pakistani journalist made a statement on Indian and Pakistani Muslims. He said the people who say ‘salaam’ for their security, they are the very same people who hit others on the waist. Approximately 1,200 Mongols came to India. Babar too was a Mongol by descent. After that the Indian Hindus converted to Islam out fear or avarice.