A teacher in the Survey team attacked by a mob during a madarasa inspection in Gujarat

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) – After the Gujarat Government’s order, surveys of madarasas are now being conducted in the State on 18th May 2024. In one such survey conducted in Dariyapur locality near Sayyad Ali Mosque, a Government School Principal was thrashed by a mob. Principal Sandeep Patel, went for the survey of a madarasa in Dariyapur, Karnavati. A mob of more than 100 people gathered and tried to thrash him. A case has been filed with the Police in this matter.

A survey of all madarasas in the State has been undertaken as ordered by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR). Information about madarasas and funds allocated for non-Muslim children studying in madarasas is being collected through this survey.

Presently, there are 1,200 madarasas in Gujarat. Out of these, 175 madarasas are in the city and 30 madarasas are in the rural area of Karnavati. The report on the collected information will be first sent to the Education Department and later to NCPCR. The State Education Department has issued a circular assigning this job to Education Officers of all districts, and an order has been issued to investigate 11 cases.

Editorial Perspective

Hindus do not expect such things to happen in a BJP-ruled State.