Iran exports terrorism, creating ties with Iran dangerous : US Ambassador

US Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti’s statement on Chabahar Port Agreement

Eric Garcetti’s

Washington (USA) – The US State Department has threatened India of sanctions following the agreement between India and Iran regarding the Chabahar port. After this, the US Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti has made a statement. In an interview with ‘India Today’, Garcetti said, “Iran exports terrorism; so, creating ties with Iran is dangerous. Businesses should be aware of this.”

“We are awaiting further clarification on the statement (about sanctions) from the State Department,” Garcetti said. “We know that Iran has been a force for terrorism, a force for exporting a lot of bad things, not just in the Middle East, but other places as well. We generally have sanctions, with some rare exceptions, where there is a strategic interest; but most businesses should be aware of those risks of interacting with Iran as it exports terrorism, as it directly attacks another sovereign nation, as we saw recently. That should be a concern for all of us. We certainly want to see a region surrounding India that is stable, that is democratic, and that adheres to the rule of law, and certainly does not export terrorism. I think that is a shared concern,” he added.

Editorial Perspectives

  • The US takes convenient position on terrorism. Pakistan has become a factory of terrorism for the world, but the US has been providing all kind of assistance to Pakistan for decades. Does the US not know that Pakistan is using that assistance against India ?
  • While it is clear that India is involved in Chabahar port operations to counter terrorism, the US’ stand seems hypocritical.