Five ISIS terrorists, including a woman from Pune, receive jail term

Order by NIA’s Special Court in Delhi

Pune – The special NIA Court, Delhi has passed an order against five terrorists involved in spreading ISIS’ ideology promoting terrorism and were preparing to carry out terrorist attacks across the country. Jahanzaib Sami Wani and his wife Hina Bashir Baig, Sadia Anwar Shaikh, Nabeel S Khatri, and Abdullah Basith are the names of the terrorists against whom the Court has passed the order. The Special Court has ordered 20 years of imprisonment for Jahanzaib Sami Wani under different clauses of IPC while his wife Hina Baig has been sentenced to 7 years imprisonment. Sadia Shaikh will undergo 7 years of rigorous imprisonment (RI) while Nabeel Khatri will undergo 8 years of RI. Sadia Shaikh is from Pune. This indicates Pune City is becoming a hub of terrorists.

Basith used to run ISIS’ monthly periodical

Abdullah Basith has been sentenced to imprisonment. He has, however, completed that period in judicial custody. Basith helped Wani to start a monthly periodical, ‘Voice of Hind’, for spreading ISIS’ ideology promoting terrorism.

Planned bomb blasts across important cities in India

In March 2020, the Delhi Police special squad apprehended Jahanzaib Wani and his wife Hina after finding out that they were involved in ISIS’ anti-national activities and spreading ISIS ideology. It was learnt during the interrogations that they were planning to carry out bomb blasts in important cities in the country; therefore, the investigations were started by the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

A doctor named Abdur Rahman was accused of terrorism

Abdur Rahman’s name has cropped up in the investigations. He is a doctor from Bengaluru. (It is an example that a Muslim’s radical mentality remains the same even after receiving a higher education – Editor). After completing his medical education, Dr Rahman was influenced by ISIS ideology, and he went to Syria in December 2013. He joined ISIS activities in Syria. NIA filed a charge sheet against these five persons in March 2020. Later a supplementary charge sheet was filed on 12th January 2021. A charge sheet has been filed against Rahman in this case, but the Court has yet to decide him guilty and pass the verdict.

Editorial Perspectives

  • Pune is becoming a centre of terrorism. All terrorists arrested so far are Muslims, which indicates ‘Terrorism does have a religion’.
  • ISIS has gradually started spreading its roots in all Indian States. Earlier only men used to be members of ISIS but now, even women are joining ISIS. This is a serious matter.
  • The Government needs to wipe out ISIS’ existence in this country since it is dangerous for the security of this country.